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Why It’s Important to Insulate Your Home


Why It's Important to Insulate Your HomeWichita Falls Insulation is the key ingredient to a home that stays warm during winter and cool in the dead of July. The whole purpose of insulation is to keep air from escaping out or creeping in your home. With less in and out air movement the thermostat in your home can better control the temperature, and, in turn, work more efficiently. Outside of general temperature control, there are other practical reasons for insulating your home. Call our Wichita Falls Air Conditioning Contractor to see if you have adequate insulation in your home.

  • Cost-Efficient – Insulation keeps your home at a stable temperature regardless of how warm or cold it is outside. This lowers your heating and cooling costs, because your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve a consistent temperature.
  • Volume Control – Most types of insulation absorb sound vibration, which instantly minimizes noise from several sources such as appliances, media equipment, children, pets, social gatherings, and other things that make noise in your home. Great insulation will insulate sound in both your walls and your floors, give you a quieter atmosphere all around.
  • Energy Efficient – For total home insulation, strategic installation is vital. For instance, begin with exterior walls around your home that create the initial barrier from the outside. Next, make sure your attic is completely insulated. During the winter, the hot air dispersed from your AC Unit instantly rises. Insulation over your ceiling holds the heat in keeping your room warm. The more air tight your room is the more efficient your Air conditioner will run.
  • Moisture Control – Moisture penetrating from the outside is common with the constant opening and closing of doors all throughout the day. But indoor activity also creates moisture. Cooking, washing clothes and taking showers all create moisture within your home. Moisture in the home creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. If your home is properly insulated, dry air can circulate in air-tight rooms and keep the moisture to a minimum eliminating molds that cause allergens in your home.

Key Areas to Insulate

Inspect these areas around the interior of your home to assess if new or additional insulation needs to be installed. Keep in mind, certain types of insulation does better in different areas.

  • Attic – The ideal depth for insulation in the attic is 19-25 inches. Check various areas in the attic to insure that there is a consistent depth all around.
  • Basement – Although the basement is a sublevel surrounded by ground, the walls still need to be insulated from ground temperature and ground moisture. Also, check all ceiling holes and openings where either cords or pipes run through.
  • Exterior walls and floors – Checking your walls and floors may be difficult and require a professional to come to your home to check these areas. Contact one of the insulation experts at Mike Graham Heating And Air Conditioning And Plumbing to come for an inspection or give you tips on how you can check your exterior walls and floors for insulation levels.
  • Garages, Addition Rooms – One area that is often overlooked is the garage walls all the way around. Although the garage is generally not considered part of the main house, it acts as a barrier. Having it installed gives your home even more protection. Insulate the entire garage including the exterior walls and floors, and also the wall between the garage and the room in the house.

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