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Do You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner?


Do You Need To Replace Your Air ConditionerIf your heating and cooling system has numerous issues and you’ve noticed it’s not functioning as smoothly as normal, you may be trying to figure out if the system needs to be fixed or replaced all together. There are several factors that may affect your decision about Wichita Falls Air Conditioning Installation. Mike Graham Heating And Air Conditioning And Plumbing provides some considerations that may help guide you in your decision.

Benefits to Replacement

If your air conditioning system is 10-20 years old and repair and expenses are exceeding half of the actual value of the model, then upgrading would be an efficiently wiser choice. If you own a furnace, then purchasing a new system is a simple choice, as new furnaces are remarkably more efficient than the old models. Your Wichita Falls Air Conditioning Contractor provides some other benefits to replacement over repairs.

  • You’re Covered – New AC Units come with warranties that cover repair costs should problems arise. Old models, however, do not carry warranties, or the warranty has run out. You’ll notice the difference in your pocketbook!
  • Environmentally Friendly – Newer Air Conditioners use modern refrigerant which is eco-friendly and environmentally safe. This means that they also meets government regulations.
  • Cleaner Air – As an AC unit or heater ages, it produces air that is filled with contaminates and allergens. Even with filters and air cleaners, the air, in general, is dirtier. New systems are designed to produce clean air.
  • Easy To Use Features – Modern systems come with a wide range of features that give you options for setting and programming your AC Systems. The features are generally user-friendly and accessible on any panel.

When Repairs are a Better Option

Although AC System replacement is generally a better investment for your home, it would make no sense to replace new or relatively new models. Although new systems do require maintenance and repair from time to time, there is no need to get rid of them if they are still working efficiently. The general rule of thumb is: If the cost of repair is less than half of the overall value of the system, then repair is a better route to go.

The main goal is efficiency. If your utility bills seem higher than they should, even after your AC unit has been repaired time and again, then it’s obvious that your system needs to be replaced.

Maintenance Is the Key

The real difference between whether or not you need to repair or replace your system lie in the consistency of routine checkups and general maintenance of the unit. Routine system tune ups are essential to keep your entire heater or air conditioner running healthy and for many years to come. Efficient systems save you money both in repairs and in utility costs.

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