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What You Need To Know About Air Filters


What You Need To Know About Air FiltersWichita Falls Air Filters reduce the amount of allergens and pollutants floating around in the air. They also keep your home’s air conditioning system running clean. Knowing more about exactly how a filter works and what types of filters are available, your Wichita Falls Air Conditioning Contractor will help you make a more informed decision as to which air filters are best for your home.

Filter Regularly, Filter Consistently

First things first: Air filters have a very short lifespan. They are specifically designed to function short term and be replaced often. If you ever look at a dirty filter, you instantly realize that it didn’t take long to get in that condition. This is because there is a great amount of pollutants, dust, particles, and allergens all through your air.

If you do not change the filter regularly, it merely recycles the dirty air, and causing it to become dirtier with every new pass through the system. 1″ AC filters need to be changed every 1-2 months, depending on how clean the air is. Pleated filters may last anywhere from 6-12 months, but should be checked regularly.

Understanding MERV

How well an air filter is at effectively filtering and cleaning the air in your building is measured using the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, a.k.a., MERV system. The measuring range is 1-16. With 1 being least effective and 16 being most effective. As with other things you buy, the cheaper filters will more than like be given a low rating of below 7.

The highest rated filters, however, are not necessarily the most expensive, as much as they are designed for commercial HVAC systems instead of residential. So it’s important to get a filter that has a rating of between 7 and 12. These are not only great filters, but they are perfectly suited for your home.

Types of Air Filters

  • Fiberglass Filters – Fiberglass filters have a very thin flat surface that traps particles and cleans the air. Although they do clean the air to some extent, they only actually catch about 10% of the pollutants in the home or office. They generally have a low MERV rating of now higher than 4.
  • Pleated Air Filters A far better investment than fiberglass, pleated air filters trap up to 45% of particles in your home. The more pleats the greater the coverage. Although they are generally more expensive than fiberglass, they also last longer, clean your air better and have a MERV rating of 10-13.
  • High Efficiency – This type of filter is generally considered the most effective and efficient filter for your AC Unit. They have the highest MERV ratings, because they can catch some of the tiniest contaminates in the air. They are also constructed in the pleated style for maximum effectiveness. They are occasionally reinforced with chemicals that will instantly kill microbes that cause breathing problems.

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