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How Important Are Air Conditioning Tune-Ups


Byers Air Conditioning ContractorAir conditioning is valuable to every homeowner, and while most homeowners know that they want to keep their air conditioners in the best condition possible at all times, most won’t have their AC systems services until they encounter a major problem. Before your air conditioner breaks down or becomes inefficient, it’s natural to assume that it’s running just fine. However, if you wait until you need to have major repairs performed before you have professional service performed, you’re only costing yourself more money.

At Mike Graham Heating And Air Conditioning And Plumbing, our professional Wichita Falls air conditioning contractors recommend that you have an air conditioning tune-ups performed at least once every year, preferably in the spring, before you begin cooling your home on a regular basis. AC tune-ups can provide you with a number of great benefits: they’ll prevent major problems from occurring within your cooling system, and they’ll keep your energy costs low.

If you take a look at the specific advantages that AC tune-ups can provide you with, their importance is immediately apparent.

Why Do Air Conditioners Need to Be Tuned Up?

Throughout the hotter months in Wichita Falls, your air conditioner is used almost constantly, so it’s frequently under a lot of pressure. If your AC were a car, you’d be putting an average of 27,600 miles on it per year, so making sure that it’s properly maintained is the only way to keep it functioning well.

If your air conditioner doesn’t receive proper maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections, its machinery will begin to decay very rapidly. Even a small problem like dust build-up and significantly affect your AC’s energy efficiency, which will cost you money every month on your cooling costs.

Air conditioning tune-ups will save you money on both your energy costs and on repairs. They’ll also extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. If you have an air conditioner tune-up performed each year, it will be much easier to keep your Wichita Falls home cool and comfortable, and you won’t be paying nearly as much money to do so.

Why Should Tune-Ups Be Performed Annually?

After about a year, the coils in your air conditioner will need to be cleaned and various motors and smaller pieces of machinery will need to be worked on. If your air conditioner doesn’t get this attention, its efficiency and effectiveness will decline rapidly. An air conditioner that receives annual tune-ups will have a much longer lifespan, run much more efficiently, and need fewer repairs throughout its lifetime.

If you’re looking for air conditioning tune-ups in Wichita Falls, call Mike Graham Heating And Air Conditioning And Plumbing at (940) 350-4049, or complete our online request form.

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