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Iowa Park Air Conditioning ContractorWhen you want a reliable Air Conditioning Contractor and quality HVAC products then look no further than Mike Graham Heating And Air Conditioning And Plumbing, North Central Texas’ most trusted Heating & air conditioning provider. We offer heating repairs and cooling solutions for all residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking into a full system replacement, major or minor repairs, routine maintenance, or even emergency service, contact your Iowa Park Air Conditioning Contractor today and let us help you make your next air conditioner project go smoothly.


Professional Air Conditioning Installation

Installing a Air Conditioning system in your new home or office is a major investment, not only for your family or staff comfort and safety, but also for the value of your property. A brand new air conditioning unit instantly adds value to your home and is an attractive feature for future prospective buyers. For all the reasons why installation is a safe investment, purchasing a high quality unit that is the perfect size and output for your home is essential.

We carefully walk you through each phase of your Iowa Park Air Conditioning Installation process. We begin with a visit to your home or office in order to assess exactly what type of installation is required. Next we make recommendations and provide a fair and honest estimate. Finally we deliver and install your brand new unit according to manufacturer’s specification to insure that your new HVAC Unit is securely installed and will provide excellent air conditioning for years to come.


Routine Maintenance Service Plan

We don’t stop there. Once your unit is installed, then we offer ongoing service for your air conditioner throughout the year through our unique service plan. You’ll love the benefits that our Iowa Park Service Plans provides. For instance, you’ll save literally hundreds of dollars in needless repairs. With routine maintenance, we evaluate your AC Unit, discover areas that need to be tuned up, and take care of any potential problems. This minimizes any major repair costs down the road. A well maintenance AC Unit runs more efficiently and keeps your power bill low.


Stand-By Generators

When harsh weather hits and your power shuts down, you want something you can depend on to help you ride the storm and even the aftermath. Iowa Park Stand-by Generators are the perfect solution. Stand-by generators are actually mounted close to the house and connected to your home’s power. When the electricity goes out in your home, the stand-by generator kicks in and seamlessly restores power.

Unlike portable generators, stand-by generators can be turned on from inside your home – no more running out in the rain in order to crank the portable generator that may or may not start. Stand-by generators also hold more fuel, are heavier and more likely to withstand high winds and harsh weather, and they are more powerful than portable generators. With a stand-by you don’t have to worry about whether or not the generator will actually provide power for your entire home.


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