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4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Home’s Boiler


Boiler Maintenance

Whether your home’s boiler is brand new, or you have had it for several years now, it is important to make sure that you give it the care it needs so that you can make the most of your investment. It can be easy to ignore your boiler until try to turn it on and it doesn’t work, then it becomes difficult to think of anything else. While it is best to leave most boiler maintenance to the professionals, there are several small forms of maintenance you can perform on your own that will help ensure your system stays up and running for a long time to come. A well maintained boiler will not only function better and more efficiently, but it will also help ensure that you and your family will be safe from potential hazards that can arise if the system isn’t being properly maintained. To help with this, our Wichita Falls Air Conditioning Experts have included this short list of tips you can follow to help ensure that your home’s boiler will last.

Annual Boiler Servicing

The most important way to ensure that your home’s boiler is running as efficiently as possible, is to always schedule a professional boiler service with an experienced technician at least once per year. This service will consist of a wide range of different maintenance services that will help make sure everything is working smoothly, and that your boiler is running safely. Taking the time to have your boiler properly checked and maintained will mean that you have to worry far less about dealing with a boiler that has completely stopped working unexpectedly in the middle of the night. During this routine servicing, if your technician notices any issues with your boiler, they will be able to carry out any repairs or replacements right away, and not letting them go on causing more issues in your system.

Regular Boiler Cleaning

It isn’t something most homeowners think of, but your boiler tends to collect a lot of dust throughout the year. This makes cleaning the dust off of your boiler regularly an extremely important task as it helps you avoid buildup and works to prolong the life of your boiler system. Cleaning the inside of your boiler can be dangerous, so this is usually a task best left to a professional. Trying to do this cleaning yourself can not only cause you personal harm if you aren’t careful, but you could also risk causing damage to the system, leading to gas leaks or other hazards. You can assist in this task, however, by regularly cleaning the dust from the outside of your boiler to prevent it from getting inside.

Bleed Your Radiators

This is a quick and easy task that you can perform yourself. If your radiators aren’t running efficiently or don’t seem to be getting as hot as they should be, this can make your boiler work harder than it has to, decreasing its energy efficiency. Bleeding a radiator is as simple as opening a valve on your radiator and letting out the trapped air.

Fix Issues Quickly

No matter how old or new your boiler is, it is absolutely essential that you make sure to have any boiler repairs your system needs carried out as soon as you possibly can. Even if the issue is a small one, it can easily grow to something more severe if it isn’t addressed in a timely manner, leading to the need for further repairs or even a complete boiler replacement if the damage is bad enough. Looking after your boiler is an ongoing responsibility, and it is just as important to take care of the small routine tasks as it is to take care of the larger and more noticeable ones.

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