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Heating Tune Ups Wichita FallsWant a heating system that is performing smoothly throughout the year? Then it’s vital to have your heater checked regularly. For two decades, the professionals at Mike Graham Heating And Air Conditioning And Plumbing have provided comprehensive heating maintenance that keeps your unit in prime condition. We provide a complete tune up plan that is thorough and accurate.

A properly running heating system runs efficiently and saves you hundreds of dollars in high utility bills every year. A Wichita Falls Heating Tune Up costs less than expensive repairs which can add up to tremendous savings.

Our plan includes the following:

  • Measure the electrical current
  • Check the overall condition of the unit
  • Coils are cleaned
  • Drain line is unclogged
  • Maximum Heating Performance
  • Air filter is cleaned
  • Air flow is unblocked
  • Check condition of thermostat
  • Check motor and bearings


Clean System, Clean Air

How well your system runs directly affects the how clean the air is in each room your home or office. If your air conditioner isn’t properly running, it can be contaminating your home with carbon monoxide, pet allergens, and other pollutants. To eliminate these problems, it is wise to have your air conditioning system inspected and maintained by a certified technician who is licensed and bonded in HVAC maintenance repair. All of our repair technicians are knowledgeable in Heating Repairs and are capable of performing maintenance and inspection. When we complete the job your entire Heating System will be completely tuned up.


Maintenance Service Plan

When your HVAC system is repaired or newly implemented, it is vital to undergo a regularly scheduled tune-up. A well-maintained heating unit will provide comfort for your entire home or office for up to two decades. This is why we carry a comprehensive Wichita Falls Service Plans. Our focus is greater than providing you with superior air conditioning systems. We want to continue providing exceptional HVAC service and keep your home or office air systems performing in peak condition all year long.

With our maintenance service plan we can schedule regular appointments in order to evaluate your heating system to ensure that it’s running in smoothly. We can make suggestions and install any parts that need to be replaced. This is will save you the worry of wondering if your system will fail during the hottest or coldest months of the year. Call our Wichita Falls Air Conditioning Contractor for the best HVAC Services in Wichita Falls.


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