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Stand-by Generators Wichita FallsPower outages are common in Wichita Falls. With the ongoing threat of severe weather your home can easily lose its power in any season or for any reason. When it does you want to feel confident that you have backup power to keep your family comfortable and safe during weather extremes.

While portable generators may be a quick temporary solution, we recommend a long term, dependable, sturdy solution with a stand-by Generator from Mike Graham Heating And Air Conditioning And Plumbing. When it comes to generators the core issue is efficient power. Wichita Falls Stand-by Generators for your residential or commercial property are far more efficient, then smaller generators that are not actually designed to power an entire home or office. You may save money up front, but over time you’ll see a better return on your investment with permanent stand-by generator. Call our Wichita Falls Air Conditioning Contractor for more details on the Installation of a Stand-by Generator.


Complete Power Protection

Power outages are becoming more frequent with each passing season. There are several reasons for this that you need to be prepared for in an instant.

  • Thunderstorms, ice storms, seasonal hurricanes, and tornadoes
  • An older power grid pushed beyond what it can accommodate
  • Faulty construction anywhere within the power network
  • Accidents and destruction to power lines

It takes very little to suddenly go without power. Since most homes and businesses depend on power for almost every activity and functioning item in their home, it renders you even more vulnerable. The more dependent you are on power the more you need a dependable stand-by generator in order to insure that your daily needs are not uninterrupted.

A stable stand-by power system will support all of your lights, heat, AC, water heater, security system and other important appliances humming, so your family is safe and comfortable. And that’s just what we provide.


The Benefits of a Stand-by Power Generator

Although there may some advantages to a portable generator, the cons far outweigh the pros when it comes to cringe situations in which you and family are going through a real emergency. Here are some things to consider as you weigh your decision.

  • Dependability – A standby will automatically perform a programmed and scheduled routine exercise run to make sure that it will run smoothly when it counts. A portable generator usually sits in a garage or storage shed somewhere collecting dust. When it’s pulled out, you hope and pray that it will work.
  • Long Lasting – A stand-by generator has a larger gas tank and can continually run for up to 5 times longer than a portable generator.
  • Convenient – When severe weather quickly emerges, while everyone else is scrambling to retrieve their portable generators in the middle of the snow or rain, you merely need to flip a switch inside the comfort of your home. Stand-by generators also securely grounded and able to withstand harsh weather.
  • Powerful – There are different sizes of stand-by generators that are designed to fit the size and energy needs of your home. The appropriate generator will be able to power your entire home including all running appliances and electronics for long periods of time and still maintain its efficiency.


Our Wichita Falls Stand-by Generators Provides These Detailed Services

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